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I specialize in designing Websites and developing WordPress and Html5 Themes, Plugins & Addons, converting PSD Templates into WordPress and Html5 Themes.

A visitor has already formed a first impression of your website after just two tenths of a second! Whether he spends more time on your site, he decides in the following 2.6 seconds, as the Missouri University of Science and Technology could determine with an eye-tracking study. In this time, he has barely noticed your logo and your corporate design and has already made an emotional decision as to whether he feels comfortable on the website or not.

That is why it is crucial that a professional and interesting impression is conveyed at first glance. Here you find CheatSheets, Tutorials and Tips about Web Design.


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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.

John Johnson


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What customers say:

  • “People – if you’re considering this template – get it. It works great and the Author is very responsive to questions. I contacted him a few times to get help and was provided excellent customer service each time. Thanks!!”
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  • “I purchased your great template and now working on it! This is what I was looking for.”
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  • “I truly appreciate your time and help. You have been great and Awesome work!”
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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou


Some References

Bike Tours Madrid, Elektro Bachem, Streetfood Markt Troisdorf (Logo Design), Aditan GmbH, Kingston Experience, Ingenieurbau Schütz, Sonnenhaus Center, Food Liner, Sast Motorsport, Technisches Hilfswerk, Tentakel TV, Gestüt Rosenhof, SongRise, NBRecords, Reflects GmbH, Catering4All, Reise Freundin, SportbootTV, Netable, Textilreinigung Wagenleitner, CITEC GmbH, Sablotny Media, Gegenwärtig Leben – Praxis für Achtsamkeit, MBSR und MSC, Servo Reinigungstechnik GmbH, Gieslers Cafe, Servolinn, Pyroart Sweden, Ben Buddel, Breitbach Umzüge, Sportissimo (Chor der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln) …


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About me

Computers and technology have always fascinated me. In the early 80’s I already started to program first small software applications in BASIC in a high school upper level. BASIC was at that time the common programming language. My first Computer was a Commodore VC20, followed by a C64, Atari MegaSTE and Amiga 2000. In the late 90’s, I took courses in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I was fascinated early on by the creative possibilities in web design and in 1999 I created my first professional website, when the internet was literally still “in its infancy”.

I have been working in the field of web design for more than 20 years, the fascination for HTML programming and CSS design has not let me go until today.

My Themes

AMP WordPress is a highly minimalistic, modern and responsive premium music and DJ one page template powered by HTML5 , CSS3 animations & jQuery. This elegant theme comes with a multimedia player with automatic short code creation, a working contact form and a working booking form. Stylish and beautiful. Its easy to customize and presents your work in an elegant fashion. Perfect for DJs, virtual set cards, musicians, artists and creative people.
Main Features Highly Customizable Colors, Fonts and Background AMP was made to be easy to customize to match your branding from within the WordPress admin area. It is also easy to Upload Your Logo. None of this requires editing code. Advanced Typography Options: You can easily switch fonts for all text elements using our Options panel.

AMP WordPress Theme – You can checkout the Theme by visiting the Demo

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Foliana is a highly minimalistic, modern and responsive premium one page template powered by HTML5 , CSS3 animations & jQuery. This elegant fullscreen theme comes with a working contact form. Stylish and beautiful. It`s easy to customize and presents your work in an elegant fashion. Perfect for virtual set cards, photographers, musicians, artists and creative people.

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Soon Come Under Construction Theme

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Shango Html5 Theme – You can checkout the Theme by visiting the Demo

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.


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