Easy handling of Redaxo

The most important reason for you is the simple operation of Redaxo. You do not need any prior knowledge for the CMS Redaxo, you can quickly learn and implement what you have learned. It should take about two hours to learn how to handle Redaxo. Even for more complex projects, you only need a little more time to plan for it.

The CMS Redaxo has a modular structure. This means you can use the created modules as often as you like. It goes without saying that some of these modules are only needed once (“filler modules” such as the news archive, which fills in independently with each new news article), some of which you often need. According to your needs.

In short, even after three weeks of vacation, you will quickly know how to operate the system.

Customize as needed

The beauty of Redaxo is that we can create a website for you that is tailored to your needs. That’s why the briefing is so important at the beginning. This ensures that your website meets your needs and wishes (and even exceeds them) and that you can achieve your goals.

Virtually no hacker attacks

Since Redaxo is known only to insiders, not as well known as Typo3, Joomla or WordPress, it is not hacked that often. What has the positive consequence that we have yet to make any Redaxo update for our customers because of security flaws.

Redaxo is cheaper than Typo3 …

… that’s what I think, if I compare the market prices. Of course, the price depends on the requirements you place on your new website.

However, the actual implementation with Redaxo should be faster, i. E. alone because of this, Redaxo could be cheaper for you compared to Typo3.

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