Generate leads with your own website

Leads are very important. Only those who convert their website visitors into leads will win new customers in the end.

But in order to generate leads, the website must be designed for it. If your current website does not meet the criteria mentioned below, you do not need to worry about a lead generation strategy.

1. content is king

The statement “Content is King” is already old hat for many people. Nevertheless it is a very important statement. Because Google & Co. also attach great importance to content. Therefore, you should always be aware that your content should offer a lot of added value for the visitors.

Users search the Internet for solutions to problems. Offer them the solution directly on a silver platter…

Make it short and sweet. Because on the Internet, visitors only have a very short attention span.

Nevertheless, describe the problem solution as detailed as necessary. Because if the user does not find all the answers on your site, he will go to the competition. You probably know this from yourself.

2. responsive web design

Responsive Design – for lead generation

More and more Internet users are accessing the Internet via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore it is extremely important that your website has a responsive design. In other words, that it adapts to the screen size.

This is now the status quo, but some companies still haven’t implemented this and wonder why the website is poorly visited. No wonder, because in the field of SEO, sites that are not “mobile friendly” are ranked very poorly.

We don’t need to explain that a good ranking on Google is essential for organic leads, do we?

Especially because so many visitors are online with mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, mobile optimization is an important step to generate more leads through your website.

3. make forms easy

Winning new leads with simple forms

Wouldn’t it be stupid if someone is interested in your product or service but the form is not understandable for them? Or worse – he doesn’t even find it…

So keep your lead generation form as simple as possible and only collect the most necessary data from your potential customer.

It is best to highlight the form with a coloured background to draw attention directly to it.

4. present phone number

At the top of your page you should place a telephone number in a clearly visible position. Because there are some people who prefer to call directly instead of filling out a form

The direct personal contact also has the advantage that you can answer the potential customer’s questions directly on the phone. Any objections that may arise can also be refuted directly
in this way.

Another small additional tip: Link your telephone number directly. If a user then accesses your website via his smartphone, he can call you directly with just one click.

5. create an SEO foundation

To generate leads via a website, you need a few components, which all interlock somehow. You have probably already noticed that.

Earlier we already briefly touched on the topic of SEO, which should not be neglected on any website. In order to place your website optimally in the search engines,
it is important to optimize the texts with a sufficient keyword density and to provide each subpage with a suitable title tag and a crisp meta-description.

6. leave plenty of room

Web pages that burst with blinking images and text were in vogue in the 90s, if at all.

Nowadays the visitor needs space to breathe. White space is therefore a design element in web design that is very important.

This way you can put information into focus and the page looks much more professional. But also with the visitor it does not come to a visual stimulus satiation, which is usually rather deterrent.

7. individual pictures

Simple stock photos are now used everywhere. Wouldn’t it be much more appealing to visitors if they could see professional photos of you and your employees?

Exactly so it is! This makes your company look much more personal and tempts the visitor to fill in a form.

8. an irresistible offer

Why should the visitor sign your form? What offer do you make to the person who registers in the form?

A discount code? A free e-book? An access to an application that is actually subject to a fee?

There are many ways to create a stimulus to get leads. However, a pure form without any service in return is not one of them.

9. tracking requests

If you really want to approach lead generation professionally, then you should track your requests. Because the analysis is the first step in optimizing your lead process.

It is really important that you analyse your visitors in detail. Even if it may seem complex at the beginning, the goal is to generate more leads and to get more customers in the end.