About me

I develop professional websites for clients worldwide – gladly for you too!
As a freelancer I am specialized in small to medium sized companies as well as startups.

Computers and technology have always fascinated me. In the early 80’s I already started to program first small software applications in BASIC in a high school upper level. BASIC was at that time the common programming language. My first Computer was a Commodore VC20, followed by a C64, Atari MegaSTE and Amiga 2000. In the late 90’s, I took courses in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I was fascinated early on by the creative possibilities in web design and in 1999 I created my first professional website, when the internet was literally still “in its infancy”.

Over the following years, many other web projects were quickly added. The fascination for HTML programming and CSS design has not let me go until today.

I have been working in the field of web design for more than 20 years, managing internet projects for a wide variety of clients, Inhouse and Remote. I am happy to pass on my knowledge and many years of experience in the online sector to my customers!